Bradley Stuckel


After a few years in a muddled existence of post secondary education and another few years of just trying things out, I started work as a freelancer in the film industry. I got my feet wet in lighting & grip for projects such as The Bourne Legacy, and AMC's Hell on Wheels..  During this time I would shoot short films and independent features on the side in my spare time. I slowly started shifting my career into some commercials and more narrative projects.

My true motivation in pursuing film has always been focused on helping shape culture through story. I truly believe that film serves an important role in shaping the future of humanity by offering viewers an opportunity to more diversely experience the world through a lens which can portray a vast variety of both human perspectives and experiences. Those shared perspectives and experiences can carry on as inspiration to help us navigate through life's many quarrels so we can live with, and die without, regret... essentially live a happier and more fullfilling life.

Through the use of lighting & shadows, colour & tone, and space & movement I aim to employ my techniques to create an emotionally charged visual stage to place the art within a story. 

CSC Associate
- International Cinematographers Guild
Vancouver, Canada