Jon Vinyl - Stacy

Starring: Tlisa Lee
Directed by: Alimzhan Sabir
Produced by: Xavier Tu & Alimzhan Sabir
Cinematography by: Bradley Stuckel
Production Company: SATU
Production Manager: Christine Do
1st AC: Bassem Azer
Gaffer & Key: Rohan Painter
Swing: Josh Ellis
Makeup: Shavayah Tibby
Jon’s Stylist: Eric Richards
Edit: Alim Sabir
BTS: Patrick James
Special Thanks: Duy Ngyuen
Kyle Sanborn
Dahae Song

Vinyl has a refreshingly retro sound; contrary to the more atmospheric, electronic aesthetics of his GTA-native peers, Vinyl presents a far jazzier, more direct strand of R&B that will remind some of Maxwell, Miguel, and the music on Craig David’s classic debut Born To Do It. Groovy keys, warm synths, and gentle guitars populate “Stacy”’s instrumental, providing a comforting backdrop for Vinyl’s playful, romantic lyrics and impressive vocal runs. It’s the type of love song that’s built to hold memories- a track that comes accompanied with reminders of experiences had with someone special when it inevitably pops up on shuffle a half-decade after it’s added to your library.